Thank you for visiting the E-commerce website owned, managed and operated by DYM MEDICAL CENTER VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED.

This Policy on Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as “The Protection Policy”) is developed on the basis of current effective legal documents in Vietnam including: The Civil Code, Law on Medical Examination and Treatment, Decrees on e-commerce and other related legislative documents. If any changes in the law affect this Policy on Protection of Personal Information, The Company shall implement adjustment in accordance with the aforementioned legal changes, and then the update on the Policy will be publicized on our website for the customer to know.

The Protection Policy shall explain our purposes and methods on receiving, storing, using and (in some certain cases) disclosing or divulging the Customers’ personal information. This Policy also illustrates our implementation of protecting our Customers’ personal information. Lastly, The Protection Policy shall explain the Customers’ rights on collecting, using and disclosing their personal information. Please update the latest contents of the Policy on Protection of Personal Information before providing any information to our Company.

1.Information Collecting Purposes

The collected information will be used for the following purposes:

  1. The basis for patients’ examination and treatment. This information plays an important role in the clinical treatment period, including: gender, age, height, weight, anamnesis,…
  2. The personal information will also be used as the basis for systematizing, classifying and managing medical records, reserved data of the patient.
  3. The collected data will be used for communication purposes between doctors, medical staff and patients on medical condition, examination and treatment schedule, introduction of new policies, products as well as the events of the Clinic (if any).
  4. To provide the most convenient experience for customers while using the Website, The Company also uses the collected information to evaluate, improve the layout, and the content of the Website.
  5. Resolving the Customers’ questions, supporting customers to improve clinic services.

2.Scope of using collected data

Customers can provide information by filling the registration form in the E-commerce website or contacting with us via phone call, email or others form of communication, including but not limited to:

  1. For appointment booking: full name, date of birth, ID / Passport information, email, phone number, appointed specialty, medical treatment and others request(if any)….
  2. For looking up examination results: Customer code, date of taking samples, sampling code,…
  3. For recruitment: Personal information, health status, education, working experience,…
  4. Other documents or information (if any).

The customers are solely liable on the legitimate, accuracy and honesty of the provided information and documents and The Company has no obligation to verify the legality and accuracy of such documents or information.

3.Information protection

Our Company strictly control the information sharing activities in compliance with legal regulations and this policy’s terms. Under the terms of this Policy on Protection of Personal Information, we shall not sell or share any customers’ information with any other third party without any consent, except for the following cases:

  • Sharing to the below-permitted subjects:
  1. The Clinic staff: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and other medical staff to serve medical examination, treatment and dossiers management.
  2. Other companies in our group or third party partners (including but not limited to third parties in delivering, receiving payments, analyzing data, marketing and supporting customer service) under this Policy’s provision in the term of detecting fraud and reducing credit risk.
  3. The entrusted third party shall fulfill the objectives set forth in the collecting of users’ personal information or any other third parties when there is an arising need to sell the entire property or business as we mentioned above.
  • Information sharing can be implemented as requested or with the consent of the patients or their the legal representative;
  • As requested by the competent state agencies as stipulated;

Once you send your personal information to the Company, this will be understood that you have carefully read and understood all the contents and agree with our Company’s above terms; as for us, the Company committed to protecting your personal information under every possible form to prevent unauthorized retrieval, use or disclosure. However, due to the technical limitation, no transferable data on the internet can be 100% secured. Thereby, our Company cannot make a firm commitment that the provided information by the customer cannot be absolutely protected against every disallowed infiltration, and The Company will not be held any responsibility for unauthorized access to your personal information in some cases such as when you share information with others on your own will…

4.Information preservation and management

The duration of customers’ information preservation shall be carried out as follows:

  • Patient information in case of work accident or leisure-related accidents: 15 years
  • Information of the mental illness, the deceased: 20 years
  • Other cases: 10 years

The customers’ other data shall be confidentially reserved on the Company’s server system throughout the operation of the website or until receiving a request for cancellation from the customer.

Personal information reservation and management shall be implemented with a high level of security. The Company undertakes appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access, or destruction, causing damage to customer information. Personal information will be collected on a secured server, centralized, backup and encrypted. Information administrators and related staff only have limited access and must strictly follow security standards.

The use of any virus, malicious code, or any program, tool or any other form to interfere with the system and change the data structure is strictly forbidden. In case that any breach is detected, The Company shall carry out protection measures as regulated. For serious cases, criminal handling will be proposed.

5.Customers access and management on personal information

Collected and reserved personal information are always be ensured the integrity, trueness and not be mutilated or modified. Customers have the right to request access and examination on their own personal information. If any errors or incorrect information are detected, the customers will have the right to request the Company for adjusting such information. The request can be carried out on many direct forms: via email, phone call, written note or through the Website. After confirming that the requester and the individual with personal information are the same person, the Company will make adjustments as required.

6.Using “cookie”

  • Cookie is a document file that is placed in your hard disk by a website server. Cookie shall not be used to run any program or deliver any virus to your computer. Cookie is assigned to your computer and can only be read by a web server on the domain provided by the cookie to you.
  • The Company uses “cookie” for personalizing and optimizing the efficiency of your online time when you access the website without any re-registering for available information.
  • The Customer can freely accept or decline using cookie. Nowadays, most browsers will automatically accept cookie, but you can change the setting to decline all the cookie at your own will. However, if the customers decline using cookie, this may interrupt or affect to some services and others depended on cookie side features on the Website.

7.Receiving complaints and feedback

For any complaints, feedback or any questions regarding personal, client information, please contact to:

  • Address: Room B103, 1st Basement, mPlaza Saigon Building, No. 39, Le Duan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, 1 District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Phone: 028 3521 0170 Mail: sales@dymmedicalcenter.com.vn